Peer support group for parents with children with autism


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A new peer support group for Parents with Children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in English. This is a place to share, learn, connect with other parents, celebrate successes, experience understanding without judging, learn that you are not alone.

The group is free of charge and intended for non-Finnish speaking parents in the metropolitan area. However everyone interested is welcome to join. Please note that we speak only English in the group.

To create a safe and trustworthy atmosphere the group is targeted to parents. If you wish to broaden your knowledge on autism, feel free to contact us and we can discuss the matter further. Autism Finland (Autismiliitto ry) has also some information and brochures in English.

The group is implemented remotely from the following link:

You can participate in:

  • Using a computer browser
  • Phone browser 
  • Google Hangouts app.

For more information please contact the group facilitators:

Elena –

Mirza –